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Morpheus 8

WHAT IS IT? The Mopheus 8 is a fractional radio frequency device with programmable depths/energy. 24 tiny coated needles penetrate the subdermal tissue leading to coagulation and reduction of fat as well as contraction and tightening of the dermis and surrounding tissue. 

Packages of 3 are the cost of 2 treatments plus 50% off the third one.



6 Months Prior- Speak to your doctor about stopping Isotretinion Accutane prescription for 6 months and throughout your treatment plan timeline. 

3 Months Prior- Stop facial dermab -rasion, any laser resurfacing, deep chemical peel treatment, epilation, waxing or tweezing. 

2 Weeks Before- Stop anything that causes your skin irritation (topical creams). Stop tanning from the sun, tanning beds or tanning creams/sprays.


7-10 Days Before- Stop use of Retinol/Vitamin A and acids like AHA, lactic, glycolic ,etc. Stop blood thinning medications if safe to do so ( seek advice from your prescriber), stop ASA ( aspirin), ibuprofen (e.g Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve), herbal supplements (e.g garlic, gingseng ,ginkgo biloba, St John's Wort, omega 3, and vitamin E. 

48 Hours Before- If you are having a facial treatment ( especially around the mouth and nose) you may have been asked to start Valtrex 48 hours prior to your treatment. 

24 hours Before- Avoid Alcohol. 

What To Expect:

- Arrive with clean skin (no lotion, makeup, perfume, powder, bath/shower oil residue in treatment areas).

- Your appointment will start with applying numbing cream for 45-60 minutes. If you are late, we may be forced to reschedule you. Due to the lidocaine in the numbing cream you may feel numbness or tingling for a few hours after your appointment.


- Downtime 2-7 days. You will likely have swelling, redness, tenderness, sunburn sensation, possible crusting or bruising over the treated areas. You will receive a topical ointment; no bandages or wraps are necessary. 

- Space your sessions 4-6 weeks apart.Note:1-3 sessions are suggested for optimal results. 

After to protect your results and reduce side effects: 

a. Keep the area clean & be gentle - there is usually some pinpoint bleeding 

b. For 24 hours after treatment, do not apply makeup over the injected area ( risk of infection)

c. Only touch the treated area with clean hands, clean makeup tools, and clean towels. No bathing restrictions.

d. That evening and the next morning wash your face with a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil) Or plain water OR normal saline wound wash then apply a thin layer of the provided ointment. 

e. Avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise, exposure to UV radiation, and high heat environments.

f. For the next two weeks, avoid massage and anything that causes irritation t the skin of the treated areas. 

g. Use SPF 40+ to reduce chance of hyperpigmentation. 

Full Face - $800 (add neck for additional $300)

Half Face - $500

Full Neck - $500

Chest - $550

Nasal labial lines - $350

Eyes - $350

Full Abdomen - $1200

Half Abdomen - $800

Upper Arms - $950

Thighs - $1000 - $1300

Buttocks - $1200

If you have questions please call our office @ 306-201-4274 or email us @

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